Tabin Himaa

Lurking within the underbellies of society, one will find Tabin Himaa - a boy who carries himself like a noble but possesses street smarts to get himself by. You've heard his name before - murmurings from the streets and venues - something about being a private investigator. Judging by the descriptions you've received, he sounds approachable enough... However, that tall Xaela that follows him around is enough to send a chill down anyone's spine.

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Full Name: Tabin Himaa
Nickname(s): Tabby, Princeling, Lordling
Race: Au Ra Voidsent (Hellcat - 4th rung)
Subrace: Xaela
Sex: Cisgender Male
Sexual Orientation: Graysexual | Homosexual (will have sex, but doesn't seek it out)
Relationship Status: Pledged to Andras Solomon
Age: 22 (but will never appear older than 20, since he was turned into a voidsent at this age)
Occupation: Private Investigator | Host
Voice Claim: Brina Palencia (specifically her role as Ciel Phantomhive)
Mannerisms: Tabin can usually be found with his arms crossed. This often gives him the appearance of being sulky or pensive. He probably doesn't realize he comes off that way, though!Appearance: Tabin, despite his small stature (4 fulms, 9.5 ilms), appears just like any other male Au Ra. He has dark horns that curve towards the front of his face. Dark sclera surrounds his blue and violet eyes. His hair is blue-gray, lightly curled, and reaches his shoulders. His choice of clothing leans towards styles found most commonly in Ishgard, where he resides. Despite cold temperatures, though, he normally wears shorts as opposed to pants - often accompanied by leggings. He's almost always wearing high heels to help bolster his height. Blue seems to be a favorite clothing color. Golden trinkets adorn his long and thin spiked tail; he never removes these. Both his tail spikes and his nails are noticeably sharper than the average person's.On special occasions or when around those he trusts, Tabin will have his hellcat ears visible. His tail can also become more feline. The gold trinkets stay, though.Philosophy and Ideals: "When in Eorzea, do as the Eorzeans do," or something like that! Even if he comes off as a snooty noble type with his normal attire, Tabin is big on having the right appearance (and right behavior) for the right job.While he's typically an easy-to-get-along-with person, he does harbor grudges. But someone would really have to get under his skin for that.He has no problem with using someone for his own purposes.Likes: tea (esp. Earl Grey), being in positions of power, oddities (i.e. trinkets and curious rumors), sweets, alcoholDislikes: being looked down upon for his age/size, manual labor, participating in sports (but he'll watch)Strengths: mature for his age, intelligent, strong etiquette skills, well-connected (esp. among Ishgardian nobility), socially versatile (he can talk to and get along with many different kinds of people)Weaknesses: frail of body, asthmatic, allergic to cats (and miqo'te by proxy - but he takes medications to lessen the effects) He has now overcome the first few weaknesses due to being turned into a voidsent, spoiled, has nightmaresFears: cultists, being alone
F-List: 18+ ONLY

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Underworld Investigator: Alongside his pet voidsent (Andras Solomon), Tabin runs a personal private investigator business specializing in dealing with the underbellies of society. Have something you need investigated? Need something unsavory looked into without the risk of authorities getting involved? Tabin's your man.Of the Void: Recent happenings have left Tabin as a voidsent, albeit a lesser one (hellcat). He's not very strong, but he does have a hunger for aether. If your character is allergic to cats, they might find that their allergies act up around him. Weird!Small of Stature: Tabin hates being so small, as many people look down on him for his appearance. Does your character deal in supplements or medications that promote growth? They could very well have just found their best customer.Too Much Time on His Hands?: Tabin has taken up the role of head host at a venue called Null & Void. He's since found this to be great stomping grounds for new cases and contacts.On occasion, he can also be found at a business partner's venue, Silver Under Hills.Seeing Double?: Rumor has it that Tabin has an identical twin out in the world somewhere. Being from the Himaa tribe, it's not unlikely... But why does he seem so loathe to talk about it?WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR:Dark/Mature RP: Admit it. We all like to see our OCs s̵̛̬̎u̴̪͑̅f̶̩̾ͅf̴̜͚̉e̷̳̾̓r̵͔̊͒. I want to make Tabin feel FEELINGS. Make him make hard choices. Make him worried. Make him conflicted. Break that calm and collected persona of his. Have something on your mind? Tie me into your schemes! I'm sure I'll love it!Long-term RP: Just like in real life, there are those people that you coincidentally keep running in to. Or those people that you purposefully keep running in to. Either way, this leads to development. Let's have our characters' lives tie into each other! Whether they become friends, enemies, or something in between, I'm sure it'll be interesting!Gotten this far and looking for the courage to walk up to me? Well, this is your sign! Do it! I don't bite, and I'm probably just as nervous as you! ♥

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Hello, hi! My name is Kyle!I'm a 28 year-old trans male. I've been writing as a hobby since I was very young, and I've been playing ffxiv for a little over 7 years.I am engaged my partner of 5 years. So, obviously, no OOC romantic advances, please.I enjoy writing almost any kind of rp, but my favorite things to write are dark/morbid scenes. I really like the tension and emotions that can come of them. That being said, please speak with me OOCly before:
- maiming my character
- killing my character.
Hard Stops
Please, and I cannot stress this enough, do not cross IC and OOC and absolutely do not drag me into OOC drama. If you want to get your feelings hurt OOCly because of something my character does ICly, I will drop you. I'm not dealing with it, and I'm especially not enabling someone acting like a victim.
On a less serious note, I prefer to keep my serious, long-term RPs limited to those who are devoted to their character concept.This means that, if you're the type to change your character's appearance, story, and history completely every week or month, I will not want to be serious RP partners.This doesn't mean that I won't still interact with those who change their characters often, but it does mean that those who fall under this criteria shouldn't expect to become close ICly.Availability
I work from home, so I'm usually always around to respond on Discord. However I'm not usually available to rp until after 7pm EST. Mondays aren't typically good for me. I prefer to set a date and time to RP so I can plan irl things around it. I can also be reached via Discord at Sin Miko#0666.
I try to be lore-abiding. I really do. Sometimes there's just so much of it, though, that it makes my head spin! If I screw up and say something that breaks lore or doesn't make sense, feel free to correct me. I'll probably be super embarrassed for a bit, but at least I'll have learned! I don't care if you bend lore, though, as long as you do it well. You can RP as a catgirl vampire princess from another world and - if you pull it off - I will be super impressed.
I consider myself a pro-shipper. This means that I don't give a flying fuck what you like to ship. I won't judge. Why? Because it's none of my business. If you are someone who considers yourself an "anti," please kindly see yourself out and never interact with me. You'll be doing both of us a favor.
Fight Scenes
Any sort of fight scenes with me must use the /random chat command or have open OOC communication. Depending on what our rp consists of, there might be other situations where /random is used.
Regarding ERP
I'm chill with a lot of things. Honestly, if the scene starts going somewhere that begins to make me uncomfortable, I'll let you know.
I will not write sexually explicit scenes with anyone under 18. And, again, I do not write ERP without backstory, unless I am doing it for gil.

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Andras Solomon | ✦✦✦✦✦ - Tabin's shadow. Wherever the little lordling goes, his pet voidsent is just behind him, or keeping an eye on him from afar. While not being one for "mortal" ceremonies or customs, the two have pledged themselves to each other. The only one Tabin will allow to behave dominantly towards him without a challenge.Miko Shiroi ♟ | ✦✦✦✧✧ - An old contact that Tabin has known for some time. Miko has extended an offer to become business partners for a new brothel. Excited for the chance to gain information that only venue owners can get, Tabin was eager to take him up on that offer.Khalja Mordius ♟ | ✦✧✧✧✧ - A mercenary that Tabin met through working at The Second Circle. Tabin has recently completed a bounty by his side. They work together well enough and Khalja allowed for a 50/50 split of the pay, so he's good in Tabin's book.Kayt Shepard | ✦✦✦✦✧ - One day, Andras brought home a pet hellhound and begged Tabin to keep her. A hot-headed but trustworthy member of Tabin's household. The hellhound sometimes works at the manor as a servant and, at other times, helps Tabin and Andras with private investigations. To spice up the power-play, Kayt is now one of Tabin's bosses at Null & Void.Astrid Bishop | ✦✦✦✦✧ - A former co-worker to Tabin and someone the boy enjoys being around, even if he won't admit to it. She seems to enjoy teasing Tabin by pretending she and Andras are his parents.Kotu'a Mewrilah ♟ | ✦✦✧✧✧ - An ex-thief with a heart of gold who Tabin happened along while working at an old venue. Tabin brightened the miqo'te's night and thus the two became acquainted. He seems to have a soft spot for a certain small xaela, and Tabin bashfully accepts the compliments. Another of Tabin's bosses at Null & Void.


* Please be aware that your name will only show up on this list if you consistently RP with me! Thank you! ♥

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